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The mountain is our home, it is up to us to decide how to inhabit it.

The Chalet Mistral is located in a splendid area of Livigno: directly on the slopes, reachable with skis and a few steps away from every convenience of the center, not far at all. Our facility is a true paradise for those who, like us, love mountains: nature reigns supreme and unspoilt around our Chalet.

It is precisely this sense of belonging to our land and the love we have for it that has led us over the years to make responsible choices towards the environment and towards Livigno, so that it can maintain its natural beauty and healthiness. For us, then, the concept of kind hospitality is fundamental, and in this sense we believe it is necessary to be kind to the environment, our home.

In order to improve from an environmental sustainability point of view, aiming for the best results in this field, we started from the energy choices: we are convinced that this is the real engine that starts a major change. We have built a geothermal heating system, which exploits the thermal energy of the subsoil and reduces CO2 emissions into the environment, and we have combined it with a photovoltaic system: choosing solar panels has allowed us to adopt a totally green energy production system, with no polluting effects on the environment.

Being a sustainable facility, however, also and above all comes from everyday choices. These are small things that have a big impact and which we also ask our guests to do during their holiday. The first example is separate waste collection, for which we have set up special bins outside the Chalet. Another gesture we promote is the use of glass bottles while staying in our flats. Livigno's water is not only drinkable, it is also very good. So why buy water at the supermarket in plastic bottles instead of drinking fresh mountain water? There is no reason. That's why we provide guests with glass bottles to fill up during meals. In order to reduce CO2 emissions, we prefer to use bicycles rather than cars and we like our guests to be able to do the same. We recommend them bike rentals in Livigno where they can find the bike best suited to their needs.

These are simple gestures, as we are, but we are sure they can make a difference. We, at least, try!

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  • Warm, family atmosphere
  • Historic chalet in a panoramic position
  • Strategic location in Livigno
  • Quiet and sunny location
  • Sustainability and care for the environment
  • Quality furniture and accessories
  • Pet-friendly facility
Chalet Mistral Livigno
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